Dr. Paradis Esfandiari

Dr. Paradis Esfandiari is the President of Blue Lecture Series. 

Dr. Esfandiari strongly values Continuing Education and has a unique vision for all professionals worldwide. He believes CE is integral in maintaining knowledge, ethics and efficiency as a practitioner in whichever realm of study one participates. 

Dr. Esfandiari works closely with instructors to design course curricula and ensure they meet the standards necessary for licensure accreditation. He also manages and oversees each specific course in terms of logistics.

He works hard to produce the most rewarding Continuing Education experiences possible. Dr. Esfandiari aims to consistently recruit the world's best instructors, effective and valuable accredited course curricula, and the most luxurious venues & catering all at a shockingly affordable price.


Dr. Esfandiari also practices in Downtown Tampa Bay, FL. His particular interests include oral medicine, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry.  


Dr. Esfandiari was voted into Tampa's Best Dentists of 2019 with the prestigious Tampa Style Magazine, and he has been a featured guest on America's Leading Healthcare Talk Radio Show, The Weekly CheckUp on 102.5 FM the Bone.

Dr. Anish N. Shah

Dr Shah is the Keynote Instructor for Top Tips in Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology & the Anxious Patient from London, UK.

Training in a variety of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery units, Dr Shah fast became a member and subsequently a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons by examination. Dr Shah was also one of a handful of Oral Surgeons in the UK who trained to the level of instructor in Advanced Life Support including advanced airway management skills and continues to teach healthcare professionals in Emergency Medicine in relation to Dentistry. He has run numerous courses throughout UK and Europe and has a distinctive style of teaching.

In addition, he continues to examine for the Royal College of Surgeons as clinical faculty in relation to education and holds both a diploma in Clinical Education and a Fellowship of the higher education academy which champions and recognises teaching excellence working with institutes and academics around the globe.

Dr Shah is an exclusively private Oral Surgeon and is clinical Lead for Surgery at 75 Harley Street, Waterside Dental in Canary Wharf and Boston House Dental Clinic, London. He carries out all aspects of dent alveolar surgery and teaches both undergraduates and postgraduates. In addition he has a special interest and passion for Oral Medicine and lectures widely on the subject.

Dr Shah also spent several years as the Clinical Lead for Oral Surgery services dedicated to Adults and Children with Special Needs and has been strategic in developing referral protocols and guidelines.

Dr. Laleh Sharifian

Dr. Sharifian is an Adjunct Instructor for Top Tips in Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology & the Anxious Patient from London, UK.

Dr. Sharifian developed an early interest in sedation and dental anxiety in her career since she qualified from Guys Hospital London in 1999. Dr. Sharifian was awarded the Malleson Prize in the UK for her early research in the field of dental anxiety and went on to obtain her post-graduate diploma from Guys in Conscious Sedation.







Dr. Sharifian owns and operates Ivy Sedation in London, UK, a private dental sedation specialist organization which provides all the equipment and consumables to offer sedation services to general dentists. She works clinically as a dental seditionist as well as a private-practice family and cosmetic dentist in the Canary Wharf region of downtown London. 

Dr. Sharifian currently lectures on conscious and intravascular sedation at Europe's prestigious Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia in Dentistry. She brings an acclaimed and proven style of lecturing through both clinical and academic experience in dental sedation training. 

Dr. Narcisse Alavi

Dr. Alavi is a lecturer of psychology also based in London, United Kingdom. Dr. Alavi specializes in organizational and behavioral psychology particularly with healthcare patients and providers alike. 

Dr. Alavi earned her Bachelors of Science in Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. She then went on to complete a Masters of Science in Organizational and Occupational Psychology before obtaining a Doctorate (PhD) in Psychology. 

Dr. Alavi's lecturing interests primarily include identification factors of stress and anxiety from an occupational standpoint. She enjoys shedding light on dental anxiety factors and management in patients, and she also observes stress and mental abuse in healthcare providers.


Dentistry is consistently among the top careers in terms of suicide in the United States. Dr. Alavi's perspective serves to prevent, identify and manage symptoms of anxiety and stress in both patients and dentists. 

Dr. Alavi has served as a lecturer on occupational psychology in multiple private organizations and London-based Universities, and she is an adjunct instructor with Blue Lecture Series. 

Ms. Farnoush Olamaei

Ms. Farnoush Olamaei is the Program Coordinator for Blue Lecture Series. 

Ms. Olamaei is the primary point of contact for all delegates associated with Blue Lecture Series courses. She manages and oversees logistics for all BLS events and works with students and instructors directly to ensure a rewarding and unique CE experience. 

Ms. Olamaei works with the nation's most prestigious venues to ensure that the Blue Lecture Series experience is as luxurious, memorable yet affordable as possible. She oversees all logistics associated with Blue Lecture Series and is integral to a memorable Continuing Education weekend. 

Olamaei is a Florida native and prides herself in being personable, approachable and effective in management. She is integral to the Blue Lecture Series vision of luxury, quality and creating a unique and memorable experience for our delegates. 


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