8 Credit Hours

The Academy of General Dentistry and Blue Lecture Series 


Top Tips in Oral Surgery, Oral Pathology & the Anxious Patient

Internationally Acclaimed Instructors from London, UK

No Endorsements. No Idealized Cases. No Gimmicks.

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Miami, FL

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

May 2, 2020

10:00 AM ET

3rd Molar and Impacted Dental Extraction


  • To read and interpret CT radiography

  • To introduce specific soft-tissue flap design and illustrate real clinical examples

  • To review case-by-case elevation technique on a variety of levels of impaction

  • To discuss sectioning and delivering teeth safely and effectively

  • To illustrate and demonstrate how to identify vital structures 

  • To review several real cases of complications and discuss their management

Oral Pathology and Medicine

  • To understand the range of clinical presentation of potentially malignant oral disease

  • To be able to identify “red flag” indicators of oral cancer

  • To safely and effectively perform a biopsy

  • To comprehensively assess an emergent situation in a dental setting

  • To recognize and safely manage common medical emergencies in a dental setting

Comprehensive Review of Sedation and Patient Anxiety Management

  • To recognize common complications of dental sedation and the prevention thereof

  • To introduce pathophysiology of stress common in dental providers

  • To discuss causes of dental phobias in a practical setting

  • To introduce current literature in stress and phobia management

  • To familiarize mechanisms for ameliorating phobias in the dental chair

  • To understand and recognize gestures, jargon, actions and psychology of a comfortable dental visit

  • To identify abuse in pediatric and special-needs patients

  • To introduce dental sedation in a biochemical sense

  • To discuss concurrent techniques in dental sedation

  • To open discussion on the future of sedation practice and direction of research 


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